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Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. Whether you are locating buried utilities, in need of security walk through metal detectors, or want to find long buried treasures, Fisher technology will find it fast. From analog to digital, in single or multiple frequencies, Fisher quality and innovation are your reliable source for underground locating equipment.

Fisher Round Nut and Bolt Search Coil Hardware Kit for Fisher Metal Detectors


Fisher – Teknetics Coil Hardware Kit: 2 Nuts, 2 Bolts & 4 Washers


Fisher Search Coil Rubber Washer for Fisher Metal Detectors


Fisher 11″ DD Black Search Coil Cover for Fisher Brand Metal Detector


Fisher Armrest Assembly for Metal Detectors


Fisher 8″ Black Open Search Coil Cover for Fisher Metal Detector


Fisher 5″ Coil Cover for Gold Bug, F5, F75 & T2 Metal Detectors


Fisher 9″ Black Teardrop Search Coil Cover for F11, F22 and F44


Fisher 11″ Black Teardrop Coil Cover for F11, F22 and F44


Fisher Metal Detector Arm Strap to Hold Detector Tight to your Arm


Fisher Chest Harness for CZ-21, 1280x and Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector


Fisher Teknetics 10″ Elliptical Closed White Coil Cover


Fisher 7″ Round Black Open Coil Cover for F11, F22 and F44 Detector


Fisher CZ20/1280X Metal Detector Handle Right and Left


Fisher 4″ Black Skidplate Search Coil Cover for F2 & F4 Metal Detector


Fisher 14″ Search Coil Cover for the Gold Bug II Metal Detector


Fisher 10″ Coil Cover for F2 & F4 Metal Detectors

$19.99 $17.99

Fisher Metal Detector Armrest Pad


Fisher Metal Detector Classic Cam Lock Ring Pin


Fisher Metal Detector Spring Clip


Fisher CZ 3D Metal Detector Mounting Bracket


Fisher Armrest Strap for Fisher, Teknetics, Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors


Fisher 6.5″ Elliptical Coil Cover

$8.46 $7.55

Fisher 10.5″ Open Black Spider Coil Cover for CZ-3D, 1280X and CZ21


Fisher 8″ Coil Cover for F2, F4, & F5 Metal Detectors

$19.99 $16.95