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The Garrett name has come to stand for more than metal detection; it is a philosophy for unparalleled customer satisfaction. Garrett recognizes that commitment and loyalty to our customers is the true source of success.

New Garrett Camo Canvas Metal Detecting Finds Pouch with Belt


Garrett Keepers Finds Box 1627900


NEW! Garrett All Purpose Metal Detector Carry Bag


Garrett Camo Bag/Pouch with Belt Extender


Garrett Soft Case Camouflage Padded Carry Bag Carrying Handle Backpack Strap


Garrett ACE Environmental Rain, Dirt & Dust Cover-Up for ACE series Detectors


Garrett Black Web Belt for Securing Metal Detecting Treasure Pouches and Tools


Garrett Camo Pouch 18″ Extender for Garrett Camo Canvas Recovery Bag / Pouch


Garrett All-Purpose Backpack Adjustable Straps, Yellow Logo and Interior Search Coil Pouch


Garrett Environmental Cover-Up for GTI 1500 and GTP 1350


Garrett Metal Detector Sport Daypack Black for accessories and supplies


Garrett GTI Environmental Rain, Dirt & Dust Cover-Up for GTI 2000/2500


Garrett Soft Case Tactical Camouflage w/ Backpack, Edge Digger, Pouch & Scoop


Garrett All-Purpose Backpack w/ Edge Digger and Anodized Steel Sand Scoop


Garrett Super Scanner Belt Loop Holder


Garrett Belt Holder for Super Scanner Hand-Held Metal Detector