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Carry Straps

Serious Detecting Black Security Fastener Lanyard for Pinpointer Metal Detector


Serious Detecting Black Security Lanyard for Pinpointer Metal Detectors


The Keeper Security Lanyard for Pin Pointers


Minelab Coil Cable Velcro Strap for Equinox Series Metal Detectors 30-8507-0006


Nokta Makro Security Lanyard for PulseDive Scuba Detector


Makro Pointer Retractable Security Lanyard


XP MI-6 and MI-4 Pinpointer Lanyard


Nokta Makro Security Lanyard for Nokta Pointer Pinpointer


Anderson Arm Cuff Strap AND-03


Nokta Makro Rubber Wristband for use with PulseDive Scuba Detector & Pointer


Dan’s Lanyards


Universal Vibra-Tector/Vibra-Probe/Vibra-Quatic Metal Detector Wrist Strap


Nokta Makro Carrying Pouch Shoulder Strap for Nokta Pointer Pinpointer


Nokta Makro Bungee Cord for Invenio and Invenio Pro Metal Detectors